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  1. No lessons and/or classes will be delayed if any participants are late.
  2. A parent or guardian must be present if a swim participant is under the age of 18.
  3. Maximum of 5 swimmers allowed per thirty (30) minute lesson.
  4. Swim Lessons will be organized and maintained by the appropriate age bracket and demonstrated swim skills.
  5. Pool Temperature will be kept at a minimum of 83 degrees.
  6. No flotation devices allowed during swim lessons unless physically required.
  7. Proper bathing suits must be worn during swim lessons.
  8. Payments must be made one (1) week after each service is performed.  If payments are paid electronically, there is a 2% Credit Card Fee added.
  9. In case of threatening weather, the pool will be closed until safe conditions prevail. If we experience inclement weather during your lesson, it is mandatory to clear the deck and seek safe shelter.
  10. In case of a fecal matter incident, the pool will be closed until deemed safe to re-enter.
  11. In the case of participant cancellation, 24 hours in advance or a doctors note is required. For any extenuating circumstances, a case by case evaluation can be requested.
  12. Safety is our number one priority at The Swimming Swan and our instructors reserve the right to deem what are considered safe teaching environments.
  13. All incidents, accidents and rescues will be notated electronically via our Incident Report.

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