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 Lifeguard Services Partnership – Policies and Procedures  


  1. A parent or guardian must be present if a swim participant is under the age of 18.
  2. Proper Lifeguard Equipment will be on deck and ready for use.
  3. All Pool Rules must be followed at all times
  4. In case of threatening weather, the pool will be closed until safe conditions prevail. It is mandatory to clear the deck and seek safe shelter.
  5. In case of a fecal matter incident, the pool will be closed until deemed safe to re-enter. This is normally 24 hours after fecal matter has been removed and the pool has been chemically treated.
  6. Safety is our number one priority at The Swimming Swan and our Lifeguards reserve the right to deem what are considered safe swimming environments.
  7. All incidents, accidents and rescues will be notated electronically via our Incident Report.

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