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The Swimming Swan shall have no duty to provide the Services until the Company has made full and timely payment to The Swimming Swan for the provision of the Services. Payment shall be made at least one (1) weeks prior to the start of the Services.

There are no refunds or cancellations within one (1) weeks of the start of the Services. There is a $50 administrative charge if cancellation or refund is requested more than one (1) weeks of the start of the Services.



Should for any reason the client need to cancel the event; a three day notice is required. Once cancellation is approved, the payment will be refunded minus the registration fee. For events of 100 persons of greater, If the client fails to provide a (1) week notice of cancellation a $50 penalty will be deducted from the refund. Bad weather cancellation is subject to rescheduling or full refund. If our lifeguards are on the premises and bad weather prevents swimming, no refund is given as our team will need to be paid.

If a Lifeguard(s) cancels due to illness, we will issue a prorated refund which equals the number of lifeguard(s) absent due to said illness.


The Services are to be performed in a Facility regulated by the Department of Health or similar government agency.

  1. Ratio is 1 lifeguard to every 20 patrons. If there are more than 20 patrons and the visibility of the lifeguard is hindered in any way, the lifeguard on duty may call for another lifeguard or limit the number of patrons allowed in the Swimming pool.
  2. Lifeguard staff are expected to arrive between 5 to 10 minutes prior to their shift beginning. If you would like the lifeguard(s) to arrive earlier than 10 minutes, we will need to invoice for the additional time.
  3. All events and parties are responsible for providing a chair for the lifeguard to use which has Shade and full visibility of the pool.
  4. Lifeguards MUST be on deck and at the pool. Under no circumstances are our lifeguards babysitters that will watch any other areas outside of the pool area. This policy applies to events where there are no swimmers as well. Lifeguards will remain at the pool and on deck to ensure no-one falls in the water.
  5. Lifeguards on duty will be in Uniform clearly indicating that they are the Lifeguard On Duty. They will also have a Rescue Tube, CPR Mask, Whistle and First Aid on hand. Our Lifeguard staff does NOT have Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) or Oxygen Tanks (O2).
  6. In cases of contamination which includes fecal matter in the pool; our lifeguards MUST clear the water and disallow swimming for the duration of the event. We mandatory policy is minimum of 24 hours no swimming after any contamination.

Lifeguards Breaks

Lifeguards must take breaks in order to maintain alertness while on duty. Reporting manager or contact person at each Event must give our Lifeguards a 15 minute break for Events ranging from 4-6 Hours in Length. Lifeguards need a 30 minute lunch break for all Events that are over 5 hours in Length. Private Pool Party swimmers may have to clear the pool or have another pool monitor take over. It is preferred that any break times occur during the cake/happy birthday singing or food time. Swimmers should be told to stay out of the water.

Best Practices 

In the event that you need a Second Lifeguard and we are unable to accommodate this request especially if it’s a last minute request; there are best practices that can take place PRIOR to the event date.

  1. Families should bring Life Jackets for their little ones if they have them at home.
  2. Small children should be accompanied by parents while swimming in the pool.
  3. If the lifeguards’ visibility is hindered in any way and the occupancy count is over our 20 swimmers per 1 lifeguard ratio; the lifeguard will limit the number of swimmers permitted in the pool at one time.


  1. The Swimming Swan’s liability is limited to accidents that occur in the pool involving registered participants during the time frames that The Swimming Swan LLC.’s Lifeguards are on Duty.
  2. The Swimming Swan is not liable for events or injuries occurring outside the swimming pool, outside the time in which Lifeguard Services are being provided, or to persons not properly registered. The Company shall be solely responsible for any injury or death not covered by the Insurance Policy, as outlined above. By way of example, but not limitation, a slip-and-fall or overdose that occurs on the pool deck or in outside areas of the Facility, this will be covered exclusively and entirely by the Company and its liability insurance.
  3. The Company represents and warrants that it has sufficient liability insurance coverage and further represents and warrants that the Facility has measures in place to minimize risk after hours.
  4. The Company agrees to indemnify and otherwise hold harmless The Swimming Swan and its Staff for any event, injury, or death that is not the direct result of negligence by The Swimming Swan or its Staff.
  5. Any and all coverage under the Insurance Policy, including a Certificate of Additional Insured Liability Policy, is annulled and rescinded if a person is drinking alcohol in the pool or is legally intoxicated.
  6. If any insurance or COI is purchased for your event, the amount paid to purchase insurance is non-refundable. In the case that the event is cancelled prior to the event date, the amount paid for insurance will only be refunded if the insurance company has not yet processed the insurance certificate.


Pool Rules and for the safety of the public, there is no:

  1.  Running on the pool deck, Climbing, sitting on or jumping from fences or guard structures
  2. Diving into shallow waters or jumping onto rafts; If pool rafts impede on lifeguards pool visibility, we will remove them from the pool
  3. Swimming in the diving area,
  4. Horse-playing on the deck or in pool at any time,
  5. Double-bouncing off of or crowding diving structures,
  6. Snapping towels,
  7. Participating in other dangerous practices as determined by lifesaving staff
  8. Hypoxic training or prolonged underwater swimming is not allowed
  9. Do not interfere with a lifeguard rescue or call for help unless in distress.

Please obey all lifeguard’s instruction on spa, pool and any slides.

  1. No walking on slippery areas; waterfalls, around slippery spa surfaces
  2. No sleeping on the pool deck under any circumstances. Patrons will be woken up and/or asked to leave.



Our staff are fully dressed which includes a lifeguard shirt and shorts atop their one piece bathing suits. Bathing suits and lifeguard shorts are either blue, black, red or grey. If your company wants all lifeguards to be in the same colored uniform, we can order and bill for the

If the performance of the Services is prevented, restricted or interfered with by reason of earthquake, fire, flood, or other casualty, or due to strikes, riot, storms, explosions, acts of God, war, terrorism, or a similar occurrence or condition beyond the reasonable control of The Swimming Swan, The Swimming Swan shall be excused from performance of the Services during such prevention, restriction or interference, and any failure,  delay, or loss resulting therefrom shall not be considered a breach of this contract. By paying for our services, you are agreeing to these lifeguard policies and procedures.


Please Call Our Office @ 844-The-Swan for Any Emergencies. 

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