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California ISPE Aquatics Program

Independent Study Physical Education


Thank you for choosing The Swimming Swan for your child’s ISPE Aquatics Program. We believe that all students benefit from participating and furthering their aquatic skills. Our ISPE program helps students develop healthy exercise habits, physical competence, cognitive understanding, and positive attitudes about physical activity so that they can adopt healthy and physically active lifestyles.

With high quality consistent aquatics instruction, students become confident, independent, self controlled and resilient, develop positive social skills, set and strive for personal, achievable goals, learn to assume leadership, cooperate with others, accept responsibility for their own behavior and ultimately improve their academic performance.



  • 400 minutes of Aquatics Instruction every 10 school days.
  • Consistent weekly practices to ensure compliance; Each Lesson is can range from 1 hour to One (1) Hour and Forty-five (45) minutes.
  • Each child must be on Time and have their equipment with them.
  • Each Swimmer will receive a Pass (P) or Fail (F) at the end of this program.


Breakdown of each session:

  • Dry land workouts can include: Stretching and core workout, running, ocean swims, hiking, weight lifting, etc)
  • Swim practices that include: sets of different intervals working with all strokes, developing and refining stroke technique, correcting starts, turns, finishes and developing/increasing anaerobic skills.



Whats included in your ISPE program:

  • Midterm Review “swim meet style” of practice where we record times and evaluate progression through measured observation.
  • Final Review “swim meet style” of practice where we record times and evaluate progression through measured observation.
  • Monthly Activity Logs reviewing all skills and progression.



ISPE Annual Plan:

Pre-Season (First 1-2 Months)

  • DryLand/Cross Training 25-30 minutes
  • Sculling/Streamline; Gentle hand entry, long and complete strokes
  • Basic Technique Skills; special emphasis on timing & general correct movements.
  • Goals: increase propulsion, decrease resistance (long flowing strokes) 30-45 minutes
  • Foundational kick
  • Develop anaerobic skills


Season (3-5 months)

  • Dryland/Cross Training
  • Gradual increase in distance/intensity; adaptation
  • Build on stronger kick
  • Starts/ turns/ finishes
  • Intro to speed work/heart rate
  • Increase anaerobic skills


Daily Workout Breakdown:

  • 40-45 minutes of dry land which includes stretching and core work (abs, sit-ups, pushups, etc) light work***
  • 10 minutes of Warm up
  • 15-20 minutes of Kicking set(s)
  • 20-25 Stroke/technique development (possibly 2 strokes)
  • 10 minutes of Warm down


Stroke Technique:

4 Technical Aspects

1. Arm Stroke

  • Entry & Catch
  • Down-sweep
  • In-sweep
  • Upsweep/Propulsive finish
  • Release & Recovery

2. Body Rotation & Streamlining

3. Kick – up and down as well as sideways kick that flows naturally with rotating body

4. Proper Breath control – Balanced body position. Breathe properly without holding the breath, exhale slowly and time their exhalation so they can inhale while rotating the head to the side.



  • Maximize distance per stroke
  • Emphasize body positioning w/buoyancy techniques
  • Correct foundational kick
  • Arm sweeping sculls down and out, in, and finish or up
  • Rotation of the body
  • Correct Breath control


Swim Supplies Needed:

  • Water
  • Cap/Goggles/Bathing suit
  • Kick board, swim fins, pull buoy
  • Snorkel
  • Running shoes with appropriate dry land clothing
  • Swim Bag for all of your gear





25 yd. Freestyle

50 yd. Freestyle

100 yd. Freestyle

200 yd. Freestyle

25 yd. Backstroke

50 yd. Backstroke

100 yd. Backstroke

25 yd. Breaststroke

50 yd. Breaststroke

100 yd. Breaststroke

25 yd. Butterfly

50 yd. Butterfly

100 yd. Butterfly

100 yd. Individual Medley

Treading in deep water

25 yd. Sculling

Back Float

25 yd. underwater flutter kick

25 yd. Flutter kick

50 yd. Flutter kick

100 yd. Flutter kick

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