Pasadena, Los Angeles CA

Southern California


Are you an adult living in Pasadena, CA that has your sights set on learning how to swim? Is the community pool right down the street and would you like to swimming laps to stay active? Perhaps you would like formal private swimming lessons to learn how to become a more efficient swimmer with better distance per stroke and would like a swim instructor that can travel to you and accommodate to your schedule? If this sounds familiar, The Swimming Swan has been designed for your exact needs.

Our Team of Los Angeles swimming instructors travel throughout Pasadena and teach on a private one to one level. Many adults do not know how to swim and sometimes, water phobia can get the best of us. We no longer need to believe that we cannot learn how to swim! With a gentle, patient approach, even the most fearful can learn skills that can ease your mind and get you feeling comfortable in the water. Give yourself a chance and start your Pasadena private swimming lessons today!