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Safety Orientations are conducted when the groups first arrive at the facility. The purpose is to educate all members of the visiting group on the Facilities Policies and Rules and to point our key safety issues. 

Topics to discuss:

  1. General Aquatic Safety Rules
  2. Swimming Area Sections
  3. Water Depths
  4. Features and Play Structures
  5. Equipment
  6. How to use approved floatation devices
  7. Rule signage locations
  8. Bathrooms, Showers 
  9. Buddy “system & checks” 
    1. Buddy System: Campers may swim in buddy pairs and are to inform a lifeguard if a buddy experiences difficulty or if he or she becomes separated from his or her buddy. 
    2. Buddy Checks: Periodic buddy checks are important to allow repeated confirmation of the number of campers known to be in the water. They are NOT a substitute for normal surveillance. 
  10. Swim Tests and Identification systems 
  11. Water Watcher Program 


When the Group Arrives: 

  1. Ensure that the group checks in at the front desk or with the cashier. The supervisor should provide a list with the name of every member of the group, the name of the supervisor or leader and the total number in the group. 
  2. Identify the person in charge of the group who will be the primary contact person. Explain to the leader that they must actively supervise the group at all times. 
  3. Conduct the safety orientation with the “topics to discuss” as seen above. 


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