For young children, swim lessons can seem like a daunting experience at first. However, by preparing them for lessons ahead of time, they'll be looking forward to that first lesson in no time! Check out our top 4 tips for getting kids excited about that first lesson.

  1. Build Positive Associations With Water
    From day one, build positive associations with water and make bath time fun. Add fun toys or bubbles to the tub, or create games during bath time. The more comfortable children are around water, the more enthusiastic they'll be when it comes to the pool.
  2. Let Children Get Wet
    The natural instinct is to try and shield water from your young child, especially in the bath. However, every once in a while, let them get used to feeling water on their face in a safe environment. When they react to that first feeling of water on their face, make sure to react positively.
  3. Choose Classes that Fit into Your Child's Schedule
    For young kids starting off, timing is everything. You'll want your child to be happy and awake for their lesson, so make sure their classes fit into your child's schedule. The Swimming Swan offers flexible, private swim classes which ensures the best environment for your child!
  4. Buy Appropriate Swimming Wear
    If your swim lessons are going to take place in a public pool, do your research ahead of time. If the pool water is usually cold, a swim shirt might be a good idea to avoid your child getting cold too quickly.

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