It's been said that investing in swimming lessons is the best kind of life insurance you can buy for your children. Check out 5 reasons they're beneficial.

  1. Safety: Perhaps the number one reason for swimming lessons. Children cannot avoid water their entire life, and swimming lessons give them the tools and education they need to be safe around the water.
  2. Social Skills: Swim lessons often involve multiple children of the same age and skill level. These lessons build social skills, teach children how to behave with others in the water, and not engage in harmful activities that could lead to accidental drowning.
  3. Builds Trust: Often times, swim lessons begin with a parent taking his/her baby into the pool. Though it may be difficult at first to acclimate a child, gaining comfortability in the water will lead to a strong bond and trust towards the parent.
  4. High Self-Esteem and Better Confidence: There is a noticeable shift when a child no longer is afraid of the water. The sooner a child gains swimming skills, the more comfort and confidence they will exude, which translates to other areas of life besides the swimming pool.
  5. Develop Coordination, Strength and Flexibility: As a child, being able to coordinate leg and arm movements simultaneous is tough! Kids who learn to swim and learn various types of strokes develop more advanced coordination and flexibility.

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