There are some who love the butterfly stroke and others who hate it. However, the both groups find it very difficult to maintain balance and do it properly. Here are a few tips to swim faster while performing a butterfly stroke.

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Stay Horizontal

A slim profile is the key to swim faster during a butterfly. Try to swim across water, rather than just making it some random ups and downs.

Keep the Chin Low

When you surface to breath, your chin should be above the water. It will help you maintain the low profile we discussed previously.

Pull Back, but Not Down

You need to mainly focus on pushing your way across and pulling back the water in the first place. If you do it otherwise, or pull it down, you will just be wasting your energy by lifting.

Recovery-Relaxed Arm

Beginners find it really hard since they are not able to relax during recovery. You can achieve that through flexibility and practice.

Always Keep Your Face Down

When taking breath, you must be facing the bottom of the pool.


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