The Swimming Swan is a proud member of The United States Swim School Association. The United States Swim School Association (USSSA) is an association of quality swim schools and swim educators, devoted to aquatic education. As a member, we stand behind their goal of promoting safety, health and enjoyment in the water. The United States Swim School Association is a non-profit organization that is meant to assist the swim instruction industry in helping maintain highest ethical and professional standards as well as provide opportunities for learning and sharing for our clients. This allows our swim school to uphold the best quality coaching for you and your family. Being a member of the USSSA, we are considered learn-to-swim experts. Being a member also gives us access to their exclusive conferences to further our training in maintaining the highest level of swim instruction for each specific age and needs bracket. 

For more information : United States Swim School Association.

The Swimming Swan implements USSSA training in to our own coaching methods by training each one of our instructors to ensure the highest level of teaching. Our swim coaches are required to pass an exam based on this curriculum before performing any swim lessons. If you are looking for the highest quality, most efficient private swim lessons, contact us today!

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