Private Lifeguards in Coachella Valley!

This weekend, April 15th and 16th, The Swimming Swan catered to an exclusive private event in Coachella Valley bringing our team of lifeguards to this beautiful area. With lots going on, we kept all patrons safe by practicing preventative lifeguarding skills. Not only were we supervising the pool, there was also a lake in the backdrop which required monitoring. We had a wonderful time listening to various Dj's and being in such a fun environment. We are happy to report that all swimmers stayed safe!

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Lifeguard Melissa ready for a Coachella Private Pool Party


Is your company looking for a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard or a Team of Lifeguards that can be on deck while your guests are enjoying themselves around the pool? We provide lifeguard services throughout Southern California including lifeguarding at large multi-day events.

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