A pool was made for games, so we've rounded up 8 super fun and kid-friendly games that can be played in the pool this summer!

  1. Invisible Bottle: Find an empty clear 2 liter plastic bottle (one with a white cap or a cap the same color as your pool tiles) and fill it full of water. Line the players up on the pool deck with their backs turned away from the pool. Throw the liter bottle into the pool and wait for it to sink; then let the kids jump in and try to find it. It's harder than it seems, as the bottle camouflages to the bottom of the pool.
  2. Shark (A pool variation of tag): Choose one player to be the shark, who must stay in the pool at all times and tries to tag players when they enter the water. Players can jump in and out of the water, but can only stay outside of the water for 15 seconds at a time before jumping in and giving the shark a chance to catch them.
  3. Treasure Hunt: Have a parent or lifeguard toss a handful of coins around the pool. Wait until they all sink to the bottom, and then let kids jump in and hunt for them. Whoever comes up with the most coins wins the round.
  4. Marco Polo (the classic pool game): Essentially, a game of "tag" with a person's eyes closed. Whoever is it calls "MARCO" and everyone else playing has to respond "POLO". If you're tagged, you become the new "it".
  5. Canon Ball Contest: Have kids take turn jumping into the pool with their best cannon ball. Recruit a team of judges to judge each kid's jump and determine a winner each round. Modify each round with a new objective (best 360 spin jump, best pencil dive, best belly flop).

    [caption id="attachment_16818" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Who said splash contests were just for kids?[/caption]

  6. Colors: One person is "it" and that individual stands with their back to the other players (who stand across the pool). The "it" person begins to call colors, and if a player's color is called, they must silently start swimming towards the "it" player and try to touch the wall without being tagged. If the "it" player hears them swimming, they can turn around and try to tag the players.
  7. F.I.S.H: Similar to the basketball game of H.O.R.S.E, the first player performs a task (a dive, underwater flip, etc.) that the other players must replicate. If they can't, they take the first letter in the word. First player to spell FISH loses.
  8. Splash Dance Talent Show: Have swimmers or teams choreograph their own in-pool dances and synchronized movements to their favorite songs. Recruit an adult or lifeguard to be the judge, or invite friends and family to view the final show!

If you are hosting a pool party for your child and will be having guests over to enjoy the pool, what better way to maintain safety by having a trained and professional Red Cross Certified Lifeguard on deck. Everyone can enjoy themselves while a specific lifeguard keeps watch during the entire duration of your party. Too many times people get distracted and might turn their eyes away from non-swimmers enjoying themselves in the shallow end of the pool. Lets avoid any injury by hiring a lifeguard.

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