Though the breaststroke is different from other types of swimming, correct body position will enhance your chance of success.  Learn some tips and tricks about how to perform this stroke successfully.

Body Position

The breaststroke is literally straightforward. The utter lack of rotations is where the breaststroke got separated from backstroke and freestyle. Throughout the course of swimming, the body remains in a flat position. This is an opportunity for youngsters to master the core body position without any hassle.

The streamline position is the basic breaststroke position. It comprises legs extended in a straight line, hands extended above the head with face down. Try to precisely point toes at the wall behind, while pointing the fingertips to the wall as well. Your body length should be above the water to decrease drag. Get back to that position continuously; which is also the cornerstone of this amazing stroke.
The Kick

The chance is quite high that whoever first tried breaststroke was toying with the idea while some frogs were nearby. In other words, it mostly imitates a frog’s swimming style. In this stroke the kick plays a crucial role in propulsion.

Align the heels straight up to your butt, and make them dorsiflex. This keeps your legs out of range of the propulsive stream. It also makes your presence narrow.

As soon as the heels reach the glutes, extend the legs to the side. It will keep the feet dorsiflexed until the extension is complete. In that way your feet will work like paddles, which is closer to your hand movement during freestyle.
The Catch and Pull

The streamline position is where you need to start the arm portion, also. Extend your arms parallel to the surface of the water. Make sure that your hands form the shape of the inside angle of the letter V. Your thumbs will touch and the little fingers will tilt up.

Now sweep the arms outward without bending the elbows. Keep your arms in a wide, powerful, and firm position like lat pull downs. When you sweep your arms, it allows you to catch and pull strongly.

After that, like freestyle, catch and drop the fingertips and bend the elbows, while grabbing the water powerfully. As you begin pulling from this stance, scoop the water toward your mouth. This will prevent your hands from getting too deep under the chest, which is responsible for mistiming and lack of balance. Once you have reached your mouth using your hands, extend back into the streamline position explosively.


Breathing completes the cycle in breaststroke. However, it is simpler than what you think. You breathe with every stroke - as simple as that. Just like in other strokes, you exhale while the mouth is still underwater.

Try keeping your eyes on the bottom while you remain in the streamline position. Do not bring out your head too much out of the water. This will keep you sleek and allow you to make the most out of your propulsion.
Pulling It Altogether

Trying the aforementioned steps together will allow you to perfect your breaststroke. You can simply start with the body position, and then work on the kick. Now finish it with the breathing sequence. Voila! You are successfully breaststroking.

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