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Parent & Tot Swim Lessons

Our parent & tot classes are 30 minutes long and a parent and/or guardian is in the water alongside the child. This class accommodates children age 6 months to 3 years in groups of up to 8 families. 


Morning and early evening class schedules are available for homeowners associations interested in providing this invaluable swim lesson service at your community swimming pool.


Goals for our parent & tot
swim lessons include:

Exiting/entering the water

Retrieving water toys

Alligator Walks on steps, safety

Child Passes

Face in, eyes open or closed

Assisted Ice Cream Scoops

Assisted Front & Back Floats

Monkey Crawl/Crab Walks

Download & Print the Swimming Swan Certificate of Achievement!

Make learning fun by marking your child's swimming progress after each lesson! Click on the button below to download & print the certificate and check off the skills that have been mastered.

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