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Toddler Swim Lessons

Our toddler swimming lessons are 30 minutes long and accommodate children between the ages of 3 and 4. We keep these classes small at no more than 5 children per group lesson. Toddler swim lessons can be paired with any other type of swimming lesson for homeowners association aquatics programming.



Goals for our toddler swim lessons include:

Safe Water Entry/Exit

Reach for the Wall

Blowing Bubbles

Assisted Ice Cream Scoops

Face In, Eyes Open or Closed

Jumps & Recovery


Front & Back Glide

Retrieving Underwater Toys

Supported Front Crawl

Assisted Front/Back Floats

Supported Back Crawl

Kicking with Support

Supported & Unsupported Roll Front/Back

Download & Print the Swimming Swan Certificate of Achievement!

Make learning fun by marking your child's swimming progress after each lesson! Click on the button below to download & print the certificate and check off the skills that have been mastered.

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