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Preschool Swim Lessons

Our preschool swimming lessons are 30 minutes long and accommodate ages 4 to 5 years old. This class focus on basic water safety skills, survival self-rescue skills and progress towards your child learning how to swim independently.


Preschool swimming lessons are one type of programming in our Homeowners association aquatics packages. With community websites included, registrations and online payment systems are convenient for your residents.

Goals for our preschool swim lessons include:

Level 2 Skills

Working on Unsupported Front/Back Crawl

Flutter Kicking

Changing directions while swimming

5 yards Independent Swim

Streamline with Kick

Jumps & Unsupported Recovery to Wall

Intro to Breaststroke Kick

Intro to Elementary Backstroke

Front & Back Glides

Download & Print the Swimming Swan Certificate of Achievement!

Make learning fun by marking your child's swimming progress after each lesson! Click on the button below to download & print the certificate and check off the skills that have been mastered.

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